Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform is an event presenting both emerging and established names of Nordic contemporary dance and choreography to presenters, programmers and other professionals from all over the world.

Ice Hot platforms are excellent networking events in a uniquely warm and cosy atmosphere. The aim of Ice Hot Nordic Dance partners is to increase international touring and other working opportunities of Nordic artists, and to help our communities to share ideas and connections.

As the Nordic countries share a lot of economical, social and cultural structures as well as values, we find it fruitful to collaborate on a Nordic level in order to strengthen the dance ecosystem in our countries. Ice Hot Nordic Dance also aims to be a forerunner in sustainable dance promotion and in organising sustainable platform events.

Ice Hot platforms attract a large number of professionals from all continents. Hundreds of  international guests and Nordic artists and managers come to see more than 20 live performances and 15 More More More pitch presentations, as well as take part in several seminars during the platform days.

The first Ice Hot Platform was arranged in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010, as a pilot project, and then in Helsinki, Finland in 2012, in Oslo, Norway in 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016 and in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2018. The Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 starts a new cycle of platforms touring all Nordic countries.

Ice Hot Nordic Dance Partners

Ice Hot Nordic Dance is a collaboration network of partner organizations in five Nordic countries: Dance Info Finland, Dansehallerne (Denmark), Dansens Hus Oslo (Norway), Dansens Hus Stockholm (Sweden) and Performing Arts Centre Iceland.