Ice Hot Platforms have been organized since 2010 in all Nordic countries. They have grown to attract more than 300 international presenters to meet and see the work of Nordic artists and companies. The artists were selected by international and Nordic juries, different for each platform.

Ice Hot Stockholm 2010

The first Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform took place at the Dansens Hus Stockholm, Sweden in December 2010. It featured 22 performances and 13 presentations from artists.


Ice Hot Helsinki 2012

The Ice Hot Platform in Helsinki, Finland 2012, presented 36 artists or companies including stage performances and pitch presentations. On top of that, numerous seminars and meetings were organized.


Ice Hot Oslo 2014

Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform happened in Norway, at Dansens Hus Oslo in December 2014. It featured 40 choreographers and companies, including a special KIDS programme.


Ice Hot Copenhagen 2016

Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform 2016 took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, mainly at Dansehallerne, and presented 35 artists and companies as live performances or off-stage presentations.


Ice Hot Reykjavík 2018

Reykjavík, Iceland hosted the Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform in December 2018. The artistic programme presented 43 artists on stage, as installations, on site-specific locations, or as pitch presentations.


Ice Hot Helsinki 2022

The exceptionally hot summer edition of the Ice Hot Platform in June-July 2022 presented 38 Nordic companies and choreographers, mainly in the Cable Factory and the brand new Dance House Helsinki.