Ice Hot Nordic Dance is a collaboration network of partner organizations in five Nordic countries. They all have in-depth knowledge of their national dance communities and wide international networks. Each organization is in turn responsible for arranging and hosting the platform, facilitating the jury’s work and creating and managing the local partnerships.

CIRCUS AND DANCE INFO FINLAND is an expert organization charged with promoting the development of Finnish dance art through service and advisory work, advocacy, and international promotion.

DANSENS HUS STOCKHOLM (Sweden) and DANSENS HUS OSLO (Norway) are national venues for dance, presenting both domestic and international dance on their stages.

DANSEHALLERNE in Copenhagen (Denmark) is a national theatre and resource centre for dance and choreography presenting and co-producing performances, facilitating professional training and offering artistic work for kids and youth nationally.

The role of PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE ICELAND (PACI) is to support Icelandic performing artists to increase their visibility and demand internationally by concentrated promotional work that encourages international networking and co-operation. PACI furthermore provides information, education and courses for professionals to build competence for working in an international context.