Ice Hot Nordic Dance aims to be a forerunner in sustainable dance promotion. We aim to strengthen a sustainable ecosystem of Nordic dance and choreography by creating work opportunities and visibility for Nordic dance artists in an international context.

This is done by organising platform events that present Nordic dance and choreography for the international dance community. The platforms serve also to promote the development of Nordic dance and choreography, to facilitate networking opportunities and increase professional capacities of Nordic dance artists.

We have worked together with sustainability experts in refining our environmental aims. Read more in the ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY OF ICE HOT HELSINKI 2022 (pdf)

For a curatorial perspective on our sustainability aims, read the GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR THE JURY OF ICE HOT HELSINKI 2022

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Strengthening the ecosystem

We do not exist in isolation, but co-exist in an ecosystem with different partners, structures and conditions. As members of the same ecosystem we need to make use of our resources in the most efficient way.

The Nordic countries share a lot of economical, social and cultural structures as well as values. We call upon ourselves as Ice Hot Nordic Dance to strengthen the Nordic level in our ecosystem of dance and choreography. For us this means strengthening Nordic connections, networks and possibilities for touring and collaborating across the region.

We consider a sustainable ecosystem to consist of ecological, economic, cultural (including artistic) and social dimensions. In order to strengthen the ecosystem in a sustainable way it is necessary to take a holistic approach and pay attention to all these dimensions.

In the field of dance and choreography a holistic approach means for example recognizing the life cycles and value chains of artistic work and careers, offering artists different kinds of work opportunities, locally and internationally. It means long-term perspectives and positive ripple-effects, giving artistic works a longer lifespan and maximizing the impact our platform has for the selected artists.

Our sustainability policy consists of environmental, socio-economic and curatorial aims.

In the Helsinki 2022 platform we aim for:

  • Making sustainable productional choices and thereby minimize the carbon footprint and waste of the platform.
  • Offering the selected artists additional presenting opportunities by partner organisations or their collaborators in order to maximize their gain from the platform and to stimulate local and Nordic touring.
  • Offering the selected artists both ecological travel options to Helsinki and the possibility to stay for the whole platform time, also economically, in order to maximize their gain from the platform and to minimize the carbon footprint.
  • Offering the selected artists sufficient support in the form of tailored coaching services, compensation for fees according to Finnish trade union’s collective agreement for theatre workers, and competence building in the seminar programme, in order to maximize their gain from the platform.
  • Having a transparent, flexible and multi-voiced selection process that is aware of the variety of and marginalized communities in the Nordic dance ecosystem and aims tobe rid of geographical or cultural blind spots, ensuring that everyone gets seen in the selection process.
  • Developing the digital communication and online accessibility of the platform event, in order to increase access to the programme without travelling and to minimize the material production.

We will evaluate our success in reaching these aims after the platform in Spring 2022. The environmental aims and how these are realized are concrete and easier to measure. The other aims are on a target level as their results are visible on a longer time span and often indirect way. These will be evaluated with qualitative criteria by feedback surveys and longer-term tracking measures. Evaluation results will be communicated outwards and used as a baseline for future events.

Finally, we want to build and share knowledge with the wider dance community. Conversation creates actions and vice versa. Communication about our aims, measures and results is an important part of our sustainability policy. Information will be shared digitally via different communication channels, in blogs and articles and by open discussions with dance professionals during and outside the Helsinki platform, where we will put sustainability issues in the forefront.