Aurora Borealis

No dish without some added flavours

So you have the main ingredients, but what is life without spices?
How to get ready to take in all of the artistic program and the seminars?

Ice Spice is the answer!

In the early hours we offer you yoga and sauna, and every evening you can breathe out at our late night meeting points. This is where you get to know the people of Ice Hot. See you there!

Morning Yoga with Gitte Lill

Gitte Lill is a former professional dancer from the National Academy of the arts and a certified yoga instructor with over fifteen years experience teaching different levels.

Book your spot in the app. Open for 25 participants each day, and we provide the mats. No shower option.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Hausmania Kulturhus, Dansens Haus (2nd floor)
Click link for direction.

Sauna at the Oslo fjord

The Albatross holds 25 people and our sauna host, dance artist Gry Kipperberg, is ready for you when you arrive.

Book your spot in the app. This is the literal Ice Hot experience!


Towels, swimming wear and water bottle

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Click link for direction.

Albatross sauna Oslo

Late Night Meeting Points

Time to debrief and meet up with friends
Stay as long as you want, but don’t miss next days yoga or sauna.

Dansens Hus
Wed-Fri: 21.00-01.00
Sat: 21.00-22:00

Open house at Black Box teater
20.00- … late

Closing Party at Vulkan Arena
Sat: 22:00-02:00