Emergency room – Call 116 117

If you’re not in an immediate emergency, this number will forward you to the local emergency room, where you will be assisted by a medical professional assessing your situation.

You can also go directly to the emergency room if you’re injured.

Click here for directions to the emergency room in Oslo

This is the public option, and if you show up, there might be a queue to get seen.
For consultation the price varies according to what service you need and receive.

Private Options

There are several private options you can see if you need medical assistance.
They often have shorter queue’s, but they are also more expensive.

Click the names to go directly to their website.

Dr. Dropin


Medication & Pharmacies

Most grocery stores sell over the counter pain killers and basic medication.

If you need a pharmacy, these are the ones to look out for. Click for Google maps to find the closest one.