The artistic programme of Ice Hot Helsinki 2022 consists of 23 performances on stage and 15 More More More pitch presentations.

We invite you to meet our selected artists and companies, and to be inspired by their art at the Helsinki platform. The full programme with seminars and talks is released in December. Read the Curatorial statement of the jury.

Hooman Sharifi (NO)

The Dead Live On In Our Dreams
| Thu 11 Feb

Inés Belli (NO)

| Thu 10 Feb

Jenni-Elina von Bagh (FI)

A Prologue
| Fri 11 Feb

Johanssons pelargoner och dans (SE)

The Choreography
| Fri 11 Feb

Julienne Doko (DK)

Mémoires Perdues (Lost Memories)
| Fri 11 Feb

Lindon Shimizu (FI)

Birongitai (ビロンギタイ)
| Sat 12 Feb

Marble Crowd (IS)

| Fri 11 Feb

Marie Bergby Handeland (NO)

The Church Dancer
| Sat 12 Feb