Thjerza Balaj (DK)


Saturday 17 February At 20:30 – 20:55
Vulkan Arena

The rusalka, a slavic folklore entity, is a malicious feminine figure who lures men into water, entangling them with her hair and submerging them. "Ruzalka" embodies this hybrid character, drawing from personal and societal narratives.

The performance challenges the notion of a typical feminine entity, exploring complex identities beyond appearances. The performer engages with the audience, inviting their gaze and then asserting dominance over it. As always, immediacy and intimacy are important elements in Thjerza’s work. Playing with shifting intensities is a consistent approach in her seemingly hard-core yet ephemeral practice.

Artist / Company Bio

Thjerza is a Norwegian / Kosovo-Albanian multi-hyphenate artist, living in Copenhagen, Denmark, working with dance, choreography and performance art. In her choreographic practice, she deals with the female gaze, power dynamics and the uncanny. Her artistic journey stretches beyond the confines of the stage: She has ventured into the realm of curatorial work at Dansehallerne, delving into costume design and even taking on an acting role in the Netflix series "Copenhagen Cowboy" by Nicolas Winding Refn. In 2022, Thjerza attended ImpulsTanz in Vienna with a danceWEB scholarship.

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  • Performance, dance and choreography

    Thjerza Balaj
  • Sound producer

    S. Rieser
  • Additional music

  • Costume design

    Ditte Marie Thygesen
  • Light design

    Paolo de Venecia Gile & Thjerza Balaj
  • Light technician

    Magnus Holger Hjortlund
  • Produced by

    Thjerza Balaj
  • Premiere date and place

  • Duration (minutes)

  • Target group

    14 – 100 years