Thursday 15 February At 12:00 – 13:00

In June 2022 a crew of six dancers entered a remote location surrounded by the Finnish woods, to explore what it means to be a YouTuber. However, the experiment went horribly wrong: One of the dancers went missing and the game with reality turned into a true horror mystery. Now they enter the stage to record their last vlog in hopes of getting closure and of course: great content.

«The Youtuber» is an absurd and gripping (online and live) dance theatre performance that makes you enter a world where reality is content and shows what it takes to live the dream of every third 12–17-year-old: being a Youtuber.

Artist / Company Bio

Noora Hannula is a Finnish dancer and prize-winning choreographer, who mostly operates in and around Denmark as the artistic director of the dance company: The Nordic Beasts. She has her BA in modern dance theatre from Amsterdam School of the Arts.

Since 2016 Hannula has focused her work on themes reflecting on the digital age, researching in topic such as online self, digital partners and constructed intimacy. When not busy with her own projects, Noora performs among others for Kristján Ingimarsson Company, gives workshops in many Danish dance and theatre educations and guest choreographs for theatres.

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  • Direction and concept

    Noora Hannula / The Nordic Beasts
  • Dancers

    Thea Kalhead Möller, Helena Wilhelmsson, Anna Gudrun Tomasdottir, Rune Nis Klenø, Samuli Emery
  • On video

    Hilde Sandvold
  • Co-producer


  • Choreography

    Noora Hannula og de medvirkende

  • Dramaturg

    Krista Hannula

  • Composer

    Ida Duelund
  • Set design

    Christine Kvint
  • Costume designer

    Ane Kjær

  • Producer

    Ida Marie Fich

  • PR

    Ida Marie Fich og ThinkPR

  • Graphic design

    Søren Meisner

  • Light design

    Jari Matsi
  • Stage video coding

    Alex Christoffer Rasmussen
  • Produced by

    The Nordic Beasts
  • Premiere date and place

  • Duration (minutes)

  • Target group

    From 13 years