Olivia Rivière & Lisen Pousette (DK)


Saturday 17 February At 14:00 – 15:00
Black Box Teater

DUNKEL is the air of a breath, a cloud, a wind, a fleeting moment. DUNKEL is the desire to stay in the dark and let the eyes adjust; to see that there is dusk and dawn, dense night and grey haze. DUNKEL is both doomsday-doom and as light as a down duvet. Because surely it is so, that the brighter the light, the darker the darkness.

DUNKEL is a performance that reaches out for the vast and embraces the falling. It is the continuation of Olivia Rivière and Lisen Pousette’s choreographic work departing from the sonorous body, which was initiated in the piece Ever losing (2019).

Artist / Company Bio

Lisen Pousette (SE) and Olivia Rivière (SE/DK) share a background in classical choir singing and choreography and have made work since 2017 departing from extended vocal techniques. While exploring the materiality of the female-identified voice and its reach, they enter ambiguous states that can tip over into the absurd and twisted as much as the vulnerable. Their pieces have been presented at venues such as Norberg festival, MDT, CinemaQueer, Inkonst and Weld (SE) Dansehallerne (DK), Østre (NO) and Les Urbaines (CH). January 2024 they premiered their latest piece Spiritus at Weld, Stockholm.

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  • Choreography

    Olivia Rivière and Lisen Pousette
  • Dance

    Jennie Bergsli, Karis Zidore, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Lisen Pousette and Olivia Rivière.
  • Music

    Susanne Cleworth (Xuri)
  • Sound design

    Kristian Alexander
  • Light design

    Alba Rask
  • Costume

    Liselotte Bramstång
  • Residency

    Institutet, höjden, DANSEatelier and MARC
  • Administration

    Projektcenter and SMart
  • Co-production

    MDT and Dansehallerne
  • Produced by

    Olivia Rivière & Lisen Pousette
  • Premiere date and place

  • Duration (minutes)

  • Target group

    From 16 years