Niki Tsappos (SE)

Raised on Rhythm / Head Peace

Saturday 17 February At 10:00 – 11:30
VEGA Scene

"Raised on Rhythm" celebrates, examines and explores the intelligence and depth of rhythm. While dealing with the many different roles of rhythm in history, future and our daily life, it is also a playful interactive performance that invites the audience to experience rhythm by using their own bodies.

"Head Peace" plays out in an Afrofuturistic universe and asks gently, “How do we make space for peace?” It consists of meditative practices, Hip Hop and ritual dances, and a curious exploration of the possibilities of one’s own magic and peace. With its dreamy, intimate atmosphere and glittering costumes, "Head Peace" is a unique dance experience welcoming the audience into outer space as well as a meditative headspace.

Artist / Company Bio

Choreographer and dancer Niki Awandee Tsappos has performed and taught dance to generations in more than 50 countries. Her grounded and groovy style of expression has been celebrated in different ways such as Gannevik Art Grant and Juste Debout World Champion, and can be seen in the award-winning documentary "Martha & Niki".

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  • "Raised on Rhythm" Choreographer:

    Niki Tsappos
  • Music

    Erik Hjärpe
  • Co creating dancers

    Yared Tilahun Cederlund, Amalia Sasha Schanke, Damon Frost, Rebecca Wolete
  • Set Design

    Emma Fallde, Tina Paulson
  • Costume/Styling

    Ellen X
  • Light Design

    Jesper Larsson
  • Sound Design

    Björn Lönnroos
  • Make Up & Wig

    Moa Hedberg
  • Dramaturge

    Anna Kölèn 
  • Photo (poster)

  • Photo (stage)

    Senay Berhe
  • "Head Peace" Choreographer

    Niki Tsappos
  • Music

    Ayesha Quraishi
  • Choreographic assistant

    Andreas Sanchez
  • Set and light design

    Angela X
  • Costume/styling, hair and make-up

    Ellen X Elias
  • Photo, poster stage

    Senay Berhe
  • Video, trailer

    Senay Berhe
  • Video, full performance

    Balsa M. Produktion
  • Produced by

    "Raised on Rhythm" Unga Dramaten, Stockholm /
    "Head Pace" Riksteatern/Swedish National Touring Theatre
  • Premiere date and place

    "Raised on Rhythm" 31.03.2023 Dramaten, Stockholm / "Head Pace" 11.03.2022 Riksteatern, Stockholm