MUOVI/Fabio Liberti (DK)

As if, I have missed myself
| Friday 11 February
At 18:30 – 19:30
Tanssin talo - Dance House Helsinki / Pannu Hall

A piece combining movement, videoart and multi-layered sound inspired by personal experiences of depersonalisation disorder. The diagnosis describes feeling detached from body and thoughts.

The work transcends the pathology to question how our identity is built. Layers are the key dramaturgical and aesthetical element. Skin is peeled from the dancer’s bodies while layers of video amplify their presence. Realistic layers of sound also mirror the audience and the dancers to later relocate and transform them.
The piece brings attention to the social pressure to present ourselves as uniform, predictable, and productive in staged coherence

Artist / Company Bio

MUOVI was founded by Fabio Liberti in Copenhagen in 2020. It has also produced the solo #ASIFILOOKEDLIKEME and the instant-choreography/lecture We are present. Fabio has danced in ensembles such as Danish Dance Theatre and continues to choreograph as a freelancer for companies such as Skånes Dansteater or MiR Dance. He is a founding member of the Danish collective MOMAK (Movement Makers cooperative).
As if, I have missed myself (2020) combines the practices of Fabio and Emanuele Rosa (IT) , who are both choreographers and performers in the piece.

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  • Performers And Choreographers

    Emanuele Rosa and Fabio Liberti
  • Assistant Choreographer

    Jernej Bizjak
  • Light And Video Designer

    Christoffer Brekne
  • Set And Costume Designer

  • Dramaturgue

    Sara Zivkovic Kranjc
  • Music And Soundscape

    Per-Henrik Mäenpää
  • Production Manager

    Kathrine Kihm
  • Producer

    Carlos Calvo
  • Produced by

    MUOVI & Bora Bora Dance & Visual Theater
  • Supporters

    Danish Arts Foundation, Bora Bora Residency Center, Bikuben Foundation
  • Premiere date and place

    19-11-2020 Bora Bora Dance & Visual Theater. Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Duration (minutes)

    60 min
  • Stage dimensions

    10 x 10 x 4,5m
  • Target group