Mia Habib Productions (NO)

How to. A score

Thursday 15 February At 10:00 – 11:30
VEGA Scene

"How to. A score" is an unusual production that embraces stories, voices and collaborations even when power structures prevent their physical presence. "How to. A score" generously shares and gives insight into environments that you may never get to (or be allowed to) become a part of, and for a moment they intertwine with each other, together with us in the audience” - Martin Lervik, The Norwegian Shakespeare and Theatre Journal

With keywords such as apartheid, gender identity, aging, disability, immigration and Black Lives Matter, six solos offer different perspectives on ecological grief, cultural panic and the feeling of collapse.

Artist / Company Bio

Over the last 20 years, Mia Habib has entered different contexts with her work – dance and opera stages, galleries, public spaces, private houses, religious buildings, squats, contexts of protest and areas of conflict, in 30 countries worldwide. Through her work, Habib challenges power structures of visibility, empowering other artists and herself through networks of kinship, care and sharing of resources.

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  • Artistic concept

    Mia Habib
  • Choreographic score

    Mia Habib and Janne-Camilla Lyster
  • Produced by

    Mia Habib Productions
  • Solos by

    Filiz Sizanli (Turkey); Thami Hector Manekehla (South Africa); Tommy Noonan (USA); Thais Di Marco (Brazil); Julie Nioche (France); Mia Habib (Norway).
  • The Living Archive scenography

    Liam Alzafari
  • Light design

    Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen / Thomas Lønning
  • Score design

    Camilla Skibrek
  • Score advisor

    Chrysa Parkinson
  • Artistic advisor

    Monica Gillette 
  • Intern (Nordplus)

    Sanna Hirvonen
  • Producer MHP

    Frida Skinner
  • Photo

    Yaniv Cohen & Arne Hauge
  • Co-producers in Norway

    DansiT, RAS, TOU Scene, Dansens Hus, Black Box Teater and BIT Teatergarasjen