MELO Collective (SE)

| Thursday 10 February
At 10:00 – 11:30
Tanssin talo - Dance House Helsinki / Lobby

MELOroom is a performance with audiovisual objects, music, song, vibrations and choreography. As an audience member you are situated in the middle of it all and the boundaries between stage and audience are erased. MELOroom experiments with sensory experiences and physical interactions, human, technical and artistic cooperation as well as movement in the room. The piece is under creation and we are currently working with and for deaf and blind audiences, applying different layers of expression and emphasising the tactile in order to stimulate different senses. Our wish is to create an enveloping live performance for a broad audience.

Artist / Company Bio

MELO is an art collective based in Stockholm, Sweden. The group consists of artists with backgrounds in fine art, dance, music and sound design. Since its founding in 2005, the group has created performances for stage, site-specific works and music, as well as giving workshops and lectures about their work. MELO experiments in different ways with the role of the audience, exploring ways to enclose the spectators with sound and movement and create a shared space. Since 2012 the group has created several works for and with persons with different disabilities and their ambition is to involve artists who are blind or deaf in their current work.

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  • Choreography, music and sound design

    MELO Collective
  • Audiovisual scenography elements

    What You Sense (Amanda Emricson and Ulf Klarström)
  • Song

    Julia Fischler and Vilma Ogenblad
  • Light Design

    Maria Ros
  • Performer, Swedish Sign language and visual interpreter

    Malin Öhrn
  • Artists/performers

    3-4 performers that are deaf or blind
  • Dancers

    Students from The Royal Swedish Ballet School
  • Produced by

    MELO Collective is the main producer.
    Collaboration and residence: Dansens Hus in Stockholm
    Residence: Riksteatern in Hallunda.
  • Supporters

    Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, The city of Stockholm, Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Swedish Performing Arts Agency
  • Premiere date and place

    September 2022, Dansens Hus Stockholm
  • Duration (minutes)

    40 minutes ca
  • Stage dimensions

    18 x 12 x 6
  • Target group

    From 16 years, with a special focus on blind-, deaf- and deafblind people