Marie Topp (DK)

The Labyrinth

Thursday 15 February At 10:00 – 11:30
VEGA Scene

"The Labyrinth" encapsulates the sense of time passing and accelerating. It is a personal work drawing on experiences of being equally close to the birth of children as to the death of loved ones. In a collage of images and narratives intertwined, the audience meet three characters embodying different emotional states of time. They move in a blurred, yet alluring landscape of light, immersed in a soundscape of fantastical voices calling the listener.

Artist / Company Bio

The works of choreographer and performer Marie Topp are characterized by their meditative and hypnotic effects on the viewer. By using slowness as a way to create hyper awareness, and building landscape-like scenarios through the movements of dancers, sound and light, Topp creates performances that hold potential for intense emotional journeys. Relationships, isolation, loss and anxiety are recurring themes. Topp’s practice is characterized by her long-standing artistic collaboration with sound artist Julia Giertz and light designer Mårten K. Axelsson.

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  • Choreography

    Marie Topp
  • Music

    Julia Giertz
  • Lighting design

    Mårten K. Axelsson
  • Developed and danced by

    Johanna Chemnitz, Emilie Gregersen, Alen Nsambu
  • Dramaturgy

    Igor Dobričić
  • Costume design

    Maria Ipsen
  • Song

    Zosia Holubowska
  • ​Sound technician

    Emil Assing Høyer
  • Producers

    Gry Raaby, Carlos Calvo
  • Bookkeeper

    John Gottenborg Bruun v/Cyrk
  • Documentation and trailer

    Milja Rossi
  • Production

    Visible Effects
  • Residency

    Holstebro Dansekompagni, Udviklingsplatformen/Tid i rum, Dansehallerne.
  • Co-production

    Dansehallerne, Inkonst