Marie Kaae (DK)


Friday 16 February At 10:00 – 11:30
VEGA Scene

"Wired" is a modern dance gospel, investigating and honouring the relation between sound and movement within modern afro-diasporic electronic music and dance traditions, with all its grit and grace. The performance celebrates the genre’s authentic form from past to present, and its emancipatory reason for being, in a soulful soundscape ranging from Hip Hop, soul and R’n’B, to broken beat and house music. Cause and effect are inverted, making the sound created by dance the point of departure. The performance space is inspired by the environment of underground house clubs, with the intimacy that a dark space and warm toned lights provide – spaces that for club dancers are like churches.

Artist / Company Bio

Marie Kaae is a choreographer, dancer, curator and event producer whose body of work is connected to house culture and house dance. Kaae found home in the independent freestyle and battle culture in Paris in 2005, closely tied to the original house scene from NYC, and is also known as a two-time winner of House Dance Forever.

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  • Choreography

    Marie Kaae
  • Dance, beat making, vocals, body percussion choreography

    Damon Fro
  • Dance & beat making

    Yann Joseph-August aka. Lumi aka. Blck Merliin
  • Music production/beat making, movement

    Johan Klinkvort aka. Shatter Hands
  • Produced by

    Marie Kaae