Marie Bergby Handeland (NO)

The Church Dancer
| Saturday 12 February
At 10:00 – 11:30
Tanssin talo - Dance House Helsinki / Lobby

The Church Dancer is a dance piece where you as an audience member can book yourself time in a church and dance without spectators. The dancing is accompanied by live organ music. The Church Dancer is an opportunity for each of us to be alone and take centre stage in a sacred space. Besides our own baptism, our own wedding, and most of all, our own funeral, we rarely stand out as individuals and main characters in the church. Many of us would never visit the church space on our own, and hardly ever do we let go of our inhibitions on a physical level.

Artist / Company Bio

Marie Bergby Handeland is a choreographer, dancer and writer.
She works to turn up the volume on voices and bodies she thinks we should listen to, dispute those we have already listened to by placing them in new contexts, and highlight latent choreographies in people and spaces who did not know they had them in them. Her work is driven by a curiosity to explore what happens when people from different social, cultural and political contexts are put on stage. She is interested in how physical expertise can be developed in specific groups of performers, and how these groups can challenge the field of choreography.

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  • Choreographic idea

    Marie Bergby Handeland
  • Organists

    Elsebeth Lutcherath (Kristiansand cathedral), Ruth Loland Sandvik (Tveit church), Olav Rune Bastrup (Grønland church), Magnus Leite (Lademoen church), Arne B. Varmland (Ålesund church)
  • Produced by

    Co-production: Black box theatre and Rosendal theatre
  • Supporters

    Municipality of Oslo and Municipality of Kristiansand
  • Premiere date and place

    Grønland church (Oslo), Black box teater. August 2020
  • Duration (minutes)

    15 min pr. performer
  • Stage dimensions

    Different churches.
  • Target group

    No spesific target group