Maria Nurmela & Vesa Loikas (FI)


Thursday 15 February At 10:00 – 11:30
VEGA Scene

"Entanglement" is an interdisciplinary artistic project of the intricate connections between an oak forest, its trees, vegetation, animals and human beings. Using contemporary dance, moving images and sound design to better understand our place in the biosphere, dance artist Maria Nurmela, photographer/filmmaker Vesa Loikas and composer Jane Sheldon turn to the ancient oak grove in Kaarina Vaarniemi. Their artistic exploration will result in a multichannel installation, an aesthetic-embodied ecosystem in which nature, human biology and the layered reality of the meta-level (e.g. AI created visuals) intertwine in a networked narrative, aimed to stimulate our senses and emotions – and prompt contemplation about our role in preserving biodiversity.

Artist / Company Bio

Maria Nurmela often works with interdisciplinary interfaces and different performance spaces, and regularly collaborates with Vesa Loikas. Their short films have attracted attention with their original visual and choreographic language in which movement, physicality and cinematography intertwine to create a complete dramaturgy.

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  • Concept

    Maria Nurmela & Vesa Loikas
  • Choreography

    Maria Nurmela
  • Photo, film and visuals

    Vesa Loikas
  • Composition and sounds

    Jane Sheldon
  • Creative performers

    Jonna Aaltonen, Gesa Piper and Maria Nurmela
  • Post-production

    Nurmela, Loikas, Sheldon
  • Mentored by

    Bart HM Vendeput