Lindon Shimizu (FI)

Birongitai (ビロンギタイ)
| Saturday 12 February
At 17:00 – 17:45
Kattila Hall

Birongitai (ビロンギタイ) is about transmission of grounding and belonging. A creature moves on a shaking land, where a tremour of a dance decolonises a current structure. Like being in an earthquake in which the vibration connects to the fluids, it invites the space to join a regrounding movement. From a place that searches for ways of moving between diverse textures, a Finnish dancer is directed into a shivering environment. This is a collective experience in which the floor vibrates, and we listen into it. It is the kind of party that moves you away from where you are.

Artist / Company Bio

Lindon Shimizu is a half-Japanese half-Brazilian immigrant artist based in Joensuu, Finland. He works as a dance artist, performer and somatic movement educator. His forms of expression are rooted in Japanese martial arts, film, and manga, and his movement language borrows elements from diverse dance genres. He has also a theatre degree. Currently he is preparing a solo piece within the Project M with the Russian dance artist Dasha Lavrennikov. He is interested in what he refers to as a 'migratory body', a perspective of creating from the position of an immigrant artist.

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  • Choreography & Concept

    Lindon Shimizu
  • Performence & Collaboration

    Tuija Lappalainen
  • Scenography

    Tuomas Hämärä
  • Light and Sound

    Tuomas Laitinen
  • Produced by

    Lindon Shimizu & Tuija Lappalainen

    Colaboration: ITAK(Regional Dance Center of Easter Finland)
  • Supporters

    ITAK(Regional Dance Center of Easter Finland)
    TAIKE(Arts Promotion Centre Finland)
    SKR(Finnish Cultural Foundation)
    Vivicas Vänner
  • Premiere date and place

    25.03.2021 Kuopio, ITAK stage
  • Duration (minutes)

    45 min
  • Stage dimensions

    Shaking floor takes 6,6 meters x 10 meters x 0.2 meters
  • Target group

    16 and up