Jefta van Dinther (SE)


Saturday 17 February
Unearth is a durational performance that lasts for 3 hours and 40 minutes. Choose your entrance moment when booking tickets: 13:50pm, 14:40pm and 15:30pm on Saturday. Once you have chosen your entrance moment, you're welcome to enter and leave the venue during the performance. It is also possible to go out and be admitted again.
Saturday 17 February At 13:50
Saturday 17 February At 14:40
Saturday 17 February At 15:30 – 17:30
Kulturkirken Jakob

In «Unearth», Jefta van Dinther brings together nine dancers in a bold and stripped-down choreography of body and voice. In his characteristic cross-disciplinary style, van Dinther breaks down our impetus to feel anew — time and again. Centered around our human drive to revive and yearning to relive, Unearth lays bare the body’s boundless mental and physical resourcefulness. 

In this durational work, the audience is summoned into the intensity of repetition and to linger in the sweetness of introspection. Unearth digs into the body as material, whilst exposing both social and spiritual constructs of kinship, purpose and mortality. 

Artist / Company Bio

Jefta van Dinther graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (MTD) in 2003. He teaches choreography at various international centers and educational programs and was an Associated Artist with the Swedish company Cullberg between 2019-2022. In 2022 he premiered Unearth during the festival Tanz im August in Berlin. His most recent performance REMACHINE, premiered in September 2023. Currently on tour are also Dark Field Analysis and the diptych On Earth I’m Done. His work is characterised by a rigorous physical approach and always implies a staged research of movement itself. 

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  • Choreography

    Jefta van Dinther
  • Performance by

    Juan Pablo Camara, Emeka Ene, Leah Katz, Gyung Moo Kim, Leah Marojeviç, Brittanie Brown, Sarah Stanley, Roger Sala Reyner, Thomas Zamolo and Jefta van Dinther
  • Costume

    Cristina Nyffeler
  • Voice coach

    Doreen Kutzke
  • Assistant choreographer

    Thomas Zamolo
  • Artistic advice

    Gabriel Smeets and Maja Zimmermann
  • Photo & film

    Jubal Battisti
  • Production management

    Uta Engel and Romy Hansford-Gerber
  • Distribution

    Key Performance
  • Administration

    Jefta van Dinther (DE) and Interim kultur AB (SE)
  • Co- production

    Norrlandsoperan Umeå
  • Produced by

    Jefta van Dinther
  • Premiere date and place

  • Duration (minutes)

    120 – 240
  • Target group

    18 – 80 years