Ingrid Berger Myhre (NO)

Spelling Spectacle

Friday 16 February At 10:00 – 11:30
VEGA Scene

"Spelling Spectacle" is a performance about logic, consequence and possibility. With “if, then” as an undercurrent, the piece asks what a choreographic train of thought can be or look like. What conditions the following, and how? According to which givens does something make sense? The title is an alliteration in which the words share a twofold allusion. They evoke a sense of magic, in addition to their literary sense of reading or seeing: To spell as in decoding, or a spell as in a magical formula. A spectacle as something to be seen, and spectacles as something one sees through.

Artist / Company Bio

Language and semiotics are central elements to the artistic work of Ingrid Berger Myhre. Questioning how we read and understand dance, especially in the context of the theatre, Myhre creates unpretentious and humorous performances. Her works "Blanks" (2017) and "Panflutes and Paperwork" (2019) were selected for Aerowaves and have toured a number of venues in Europe. Her work is supported by Advancing Performing Arts Project (apap) – FEMINIST FUTURES and Caravan Production.

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  • Choreography

    Ingrid Berger Myhre in collaboration with Nicola Gunn and Ida Wigdel
  • Performed by

    Nicola Gunn, Ida Wigdel and Ingrid Berger Myhre
  • Sound design

    Lasse Passage
  • Light design

    Ryoya Fudetani
  • Scenography

    Oshin Albrecht
  • Advice

    Thomas Bîrzan, Eirik Blekesaune
  • Costume design

    Signe Vasshus
  • Thanks to

    Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld, Ashley Ho, Calvin Ferdinando Carrier, Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold Production: Caravan Production Co-production: Dansateliers (Rotterdam,NL), Kunstenwerkplaats (Brussels, BE), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen, NO), Rosendal Teater (Trondheim, NO), SPRING (Utrecht, NL)
  • Produced by

    Ingrid Berger Myhre
  • Premiere date and place