Selma Reynisdóttir and Sara Grotenfelt (IS)


Friday 16 February At 10:00 – 11:30
Vega Scene Kino EN

One two three four
One two three
One two

During a gloomy January in 2021, after a year of solitude and screen time, of no social dancing, no concerts, no clubs to go to to shake off the reality of our everyday lives, we found each other at the gym skipping vigorously. Simultaneously exhausted, bored and lonely, we sought inspiration in the past, hoping for the future to arrive faster while skipping the present. 

"Hopp" is a performance about rope skipping, a dwelling in the nostalgia of a childhood playtime activity and a reach-out for new meanings of old movements. Guided by complex associations emerging from simple actions, the audience plunges into a pulsating landscape, an imaginary playground, where getting tired is inevitable as we seek excitement.

Artist / Company Bio

Selma Reynisdóttir (she/her) and Sara Grotenfelt are dancers, choreographers and performance makers based in Iceland and Finland. They met through their shared love of dancing and jumping, and like to hang out inside and outside of the studio.


  • Choreographers and dancers

    Selma Reynisdóttir and Sara Grotenfelt
  • Sound designer and musician

    Diego Manatrizio
  • Light designer

    Alina Pajula
  • Set designer

    Oscar Dempsey
  • Costume designer

    Ella Snellman
  • Outside eye and artistic advisor

    Riikka Lakea
  • Co-production

    Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus
  • Premiere date and place

    March 2024 Zodiak, Helsinki