Ellard/Lech (SE)

| Friday 11 February
At 15:30 – 16:30
Kattila Hall

A funeral is a rite of farewell and transition, a dance of sorrow for bereavements and endings.
In their work, Ellard/Lech examine the elements of mourning–the grieving body, the music of commemoration and collectively practising the act of dying. In a de-ritualised and doomed civilisation, what are the functions of our remaining rites of loss and transition? And what is lost without them? With death as a constant, how do emotions and expressions of grief and sorrow exist and change? With time as the orchestra, change as the choir, and transcience as the ballet, Funeral is conducted by Ellard and Lech as a reqiuem for what is and will be lost

Artist / Company Bio

Mattias Lech and Lisen Ellard work together with death and live arts. Their work has involved things such as visiting crematoriums, morgues and funerals, they have written their last goodbyes, practised death meditation and participated in fake funerals in South Korea. In 2017 they created the piece DÖDEN ('death' in swedish), a piece that is still touring in Sweden and internationally. Coming from different backgrounds in dance, theatre and radio, oscillating between formats and mediums, they explore different means of cooperation and coexistence as a duo and with other artists.

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  • By

    Lisen Ellard and Mattias Lech
  • On Stage

    Mattias Lech, Lisen Ellard, Maia Means, Sindri Runudde, Katarina Henrysson, Brenda El Rayes.
  • Music

    Maria W Horn, Sara Parkman
  • Sound design

    Maria W Horn
  • Light design

    Johan Sundén
  • Choir

    Hannah Tolf, Kristina Issa, Xenia Kriisin
  • Producer

    Sara Bergsmark
  • Illustration

    Tove Dreiman
  • Produced by

    co-producers and residencies: Dansens Hus, Dansinitiativet Luleå, Skogen Gothenburg, Transit Kulturinkubator Stockholm, Ställbergs gruva, Dans i Blekinge
  • Supporters

    Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm, Region of Stockholm, Swedish arts grants committee
  • Premiere date and place

    20200220 Dansens Hus, Stockholm
  • Duration (minutes)

    55 min
  • Stage dimensions

    10 x 10 x 4,5
  • Target group

    Adults over 15 yrs. old