Cullberg (SE)

On Earth I'm Done: Mountains
| Saturday 12 February
At 21:00 – 22:10
Tanssin talo - Dance House Helsinki / Erkko Hall

As human beings, we are perpetually haunted by our own implication in the nature-culture bind. Our unease is addressed downwards and upwards at the same time: to the unearthing of the ground as well as to the shrinking of the limitless sky. In Mountains, Van Dinther tackles the question of how to be and stay in love with our ever-changing world. Through an expulsion of words, both familiar and foreign, the performer on stage acts as a conduit, lamenting on behalf of others. Their being unravels in the nexus between the physical, biological and anthropological – between gravitational forces, instinct and desire.

Artist / Company Bio

Cullberg is the national and international repertoire contemporary dance company in Sweden, continuously co-creating to make cutting edge dance relevant for the many. Together with choreographers from all over the world, we are exploring ideas on how dance can be defined, produced and presented. 2019-2022, Cullberg works exclusively with three associated artists: Alma Söderberg, Deborah Hay and Jefta van Dinther. The core of the company consists of 17 extraordinary individual dancers with a central role in the creations. Cullberg is led by artistic director Gabriel Smeets and managing director Stina Dahlström.

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  • Choreography

    Jefta van Dinther
  • Alternately performed by

    Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska (guest dancer)
  • Created with

    Suelem de Oliveira da Silva
  • Sound design

    David Kiers
  • Set design

    Numen/For Use
  • Lighting design

    Jonatan Winbo
  • Produced by


    Co-produced by PACT Zollverein Essen, Freiburg Theater and Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts
  • Supporters

  • Premiere date and place

    May 20, 2021 Dansens Hus, Stockholm
  • Duration (minutes)

    70 minutes
  • Stage dimensions

    12 m x 12 m
  • Target group

    General audience