Carte Blanche – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance

| Saturday 12 February
At 18:00 – 18:55
Kattila Hall

In the chaotic and complex now, “Øy” (Island) attempts to escape reality on the hunt for alternative narratives about the underdog. In a hybrid between a spa resort and a fantasy battlefield, relationships between isolation, growth, vandalism and quiet oblivion are explored. We are witness to a passive-aggressive inner landscape characterized by seemingly meaningless rituals. The piece is also an exploration of the island as a poetic metaphor for repression and alienation. Water and stone become focal elements. Together with Smerz’s evocative soundscape, they set the framework for the characters exploration of an inner and outer stage space.

Artist / Company Bio

Established in Bergen, Norway in 1989, the company tours both in Norway and internationally. Consisting of 14 international dancers, the company is solidly supported by their technical qualities, their personalities, and their incredible creativity. Under the artistic direction of the French choreographer Annabelle Bonnéry, the company commissions choreographers involved in social questions and who express themselves through dance.
Carte Blanche produces new creations every season, with an exciting repertoire, underpinning the company’s goal to be an innovative forerunner, presenting, and developing contemporary dance in Norway and abroad.

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    Ole Martin Meland

    Silje Grimstad

    Smerz : Catharina Stoltenberg (Data, CDJs og vokal), Henriette Motzfeldt (Data, CDJs, vokal og fiolin)

    Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Mathias Stoltenberg, Timothy Bartlett, Aslak Aune Nygård, Nadege Kubwayo, Anne Lise Rønne, Lin Van Kaam, Ole Martin Meland

    Borealis Festival –a festival for experimental music

    Tale Hendnes
  • Produced by

    Øy is a co-commission from Carte Blanche – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance, and Borealis – a festival for experimental music.

    Produced by Carte Blanche.
    Presented in collaboration with KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes

    Music by Smerz commissioned with support from Arts Council Norway.
  • Supporters

    Carte Blanche AS is owned and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, Vestland County Council and the City of Bergen.
  • Premiere date and place

    6 March 2020 in KODE 2, Bergen, Norway
  • Duration (minutes)

    55 min
  • Stage dimensions

    11 m x 13 m x 4 m (minimum)
  • Target group

    All ages 10 and up