Broas & Nyberg (FI)

Designing the End
| Thursday 10 February
At 10:00 – 11:30
Tanssin talo - Dance House Helsinki / Lobby

Designing the End is a fabulation of the future, past and present. It is acceptance. A farewell. An effort to grasp something that is larger than us.

Designing the End discusses the end of our current civilisation, and the contemporary human’s obsession with their imagined death. The performance is an audiovisual montage consisting of hunches, flickers and both familiar and strange realities.

How far can we stretch the thought of designing the end of the world and our own death? How can we remain righteous and empathetic in a changing world? What kind of story will be told about us in the future?

Artist / Company Bio

Broas & Nyberg is an artist duo founded in 2018 by dance artist Jenna Broas and spatial and video artist Fabian Nyberg. Their practice focuses on exploring the relationship between the organic and inorganic, the dialogue between technology and human, and the exploration of multidimensional movement. In addition to this, they examine the choreography of video and objects. They work with concepts and constructs associated with humanity and the future of humans. They work with serious themes but do not embrace a devastating view of the future. Broas & Nyberg were resident artists at the Kone Foundation’s Saari Residency in 2020.

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  • Concept, direction and on stage

    Broas & Nyberg
  • Choreography

    Jenna Broas
  • Spatial, video and light design

    Fabian Nyberg
  • Sound design

    Ville Aalto
  • Costume and textile design

    Hanne Jurmu in collaboration with Taneli Ukura
  • Assisting spatial and video design

    Aino Kontinen (Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture)
  • Mentor

    Ami Karvonen
  • Produced by

    Zodiak - Center for New Dance, O linjär ry.
    Residencies: Kone Foundation’s Saari Residence for artists and researchers, Old Mine Residency Outokumpu
  • Supporters

    Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Konstsamfundet, Tre Smeder foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation
  • Premiere date and place

    30.9.2021 Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Helsinki
  • Duration (minutes)

    75 min
  • Stage dimensions

    10 x 14 x 4,5
  • Target group

    12 and up