Adam Seid Tahir & Amina Seid Tahir (SE)

several attempts at braiding my way home

Thursday 15 February At 14:00 – 14:45
Black Box Teater

Shifting between labor and speculative proposals ”several attempts at braiding my way home” insists on fiction as a tool for quaking potential and finding opportunities for recovery and belonging. The performance swims with the Clymene dolphins who defy understandings of heritage. It listens to the walruses who trust their hair for navigation. ”several attempts at braiding my way home” is a collection of strategies for creating home in an afro-nordic landscape. Braiding hair, fusing bones, growing fins. It is a heatwave and a longing for home.

Artist / Company Bio

Adam Seid Tahir (they/them) is a choreographer and creative technologist, crafting performative works and designing/developing websites. Seid Tahir uses speculative imagination as a tool of resistance and centres their work around creating loud and immersive black queer fiction.

Amina Seid Tahir (she/her) is a Swedish-Eritrean artist and choreographer. Her work is rooted in themes around resting and dreaming within the global majority community. Braiding together her interests in ancestral knowledge with oral traditions and myths, she creates a universe between reality and fiction. Manifesting spaces where dreams can work like seeds to grow futures.

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  • Choreographers

    Amina Seid Tahir & Adam Seid Tahir
  • Initiated and performed by

    Adam Seid Tahir
  • Dramaturg

    Lydia Östberg Diakité
  • Music

  • Hair-costume

    Malcolm Marquez
  • Costume

    Amina Seid Tahir
  • Lighting

    Jonatan Winbo
  • Tour producers

    Johnson & Bergsmark
  • Premiere date and place

  • Duration (minutes)

  • Target group

    Open for all audiences of all ages, but directed towards a global majority (read:BIPOC) audience