71BODIES/Daniel Mariblanca (NO)

The past, present and future of 71BODIES The Company
| Thursday 30 June
At 10:30 – 12:15
Tanssin talo - Dance House Lobby

71BODIES will present on 3 productions: 71BODIES 1DANCE, In First Person: The Dance, and NORMAL. The first one is a 3-part production with a photography exhibition, video installation and a 71 minute solo focusing on bringing visibility and generating knowledge about the transgender community. In First Person: The Dance is created and performed by an all transgender cast. Produced during the early stages of this pandemic and in times of social distancing, we aim for intimacy. NORMAL is about bodies and stories that do not belong to mainstream society; the intersections that exist between disabilities, sexuality and gender identity.

Artist / Company Bio

71BODIES is a transgender inclusive dance and performance company based in Bergen, Norway, that was created in 2016 by Daniel Mariblanca. The company is naturally evolving in a sustainable way, in which one project inspires the next and so on. The interests of 71BODIES are centered on generating artistic expressions through the personal stories and lived experiences of people in marginalized communities who do not belong to mainstream society.

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  • Artistic Leader

    Daniel Mariblanca
  • Financial Producer

    Camilla Svingen
  • Company & Tour Manager

    Davone Sirmans
  • Artistic team for each of the productions

    See 71bodies.com
  • Produced by

    Co-producers: Carte Blanche, BIT-Teatergarasjen, Kunstshallen 3.14, CRAFT, What You See Festival
  • Supporters

    Kulturådet, Bergen Municipality, Fund for Sound and Vision, Fund for Performing Artists, Vestland County, Stikk UD.
  • Target group

    From 16 up