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The Ice Hot Platform explained

The artists of an Ice Hot Platform is the main reason this event exists. The main goal of Ice Hot is to present your work to dance professionals across the world.

But it is not necessarily clear to all artist what Ice Hot actually is, and what happens during a very hectic four days.
We will try to explain most things here, and this page will be updated as we go, to give you the latest info at all times.

One thing is important to explain right away: Ice Hot is a closed event for the dance industry, and is not open to the general public. When you perform at Ice Hot you do this to an audience that has paid, or has been invited to be part of the whole platform and not just your performance.

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When you meet someone during the platform they will be either a delegate or an artist.

This is everyone coming to see you the artists, and they have either applied and paid to be part, or has been specifically invited. All events are mostly open to only delegates, and each delegate register for each event they want to attend. This includes performances, pitches, seminars and other events.

We expect there to be 300 delegates attending Ice Hot Oslo 2024.

This is you and your crew. You have been invited by the jury to perform or present your work during the platform, and for this platform the total number is 21 performances and 18 pitches.

You will mostly be in contact with the Ice Hot team, be it for a performance, pitch or seminar.


There are three main event types during Ice Hot Oslo 2024, and you as an artist will be part of at least one, and maybe several.

Pretty straight forward. You will show your full piece at a venue, and the audience will consist of registered delegates.

The two largest venues will in addition have an open ticket sale. See below for details.

This is the pitching event, and if you have been selected for this you will be given the possibility to present your work, as a talk, to the registered delegates. Some of the work presented will be finished, other will be works in progress.

This event will be held at the same venue over three days, and 6 artists will be presenting each day.

A deep dive into themes worth discussing, and understanding in a shared room, with different points of views. The full program will be available soon.

Everyone must have a ticket to enter the performances and More More More.

For delegates: Delegates book tickets to the performances through the Ice Hot platform app. 
Due to limited audience capacity, tickets are available for delegates only until day before the performances.

Artists: Remaining tickets will be released the day before the performances and offered to the attending artists & crews, also through the platform-app. Artists & crews will get access to the app before the platform starts. The available tickets will be released at an announced time every day.

Open sale: The two largest venues, Den Norske Opera & Ballett and Bærum Kulturhus will in addition have an open ticket sale. These tickets are purchased through the ticket system of each house.

Side program: Seminars are open to everybody, first come, first served.


Delegates that has registered for the platform can start booking tickets to specific events in the Ice Hot app.


If you have any questions regarding your specific involvement with Ice Hot please contact our team with relevant questions.

You can find our contact info here.

As mentioned we will keep this page updated with all relevant information.