The call for applications to the artistic program and the application form is now open.

You can save the application form and return to it later through the link sent to your email address. Once you send the application, you can no longer edit it. 
Deadline for applications is Thursday March 30th at 16.00 CEST (check your local time here: Advice! For some countries summertime changes March 26th – do make a notice of the consequence in your country.

Please read well before filling in the application form! 


  • Ice Hot is a platform for contemporary dance and choreography 
  • You can be a professional artist or company living in one of the Nordic countries or receiving support from one of the Nordic countries 1
  • You can be a professional artist with a Nordic citizenship, living outside the Nordic countries
  • The work you apply with needs to be intended for touring 
  • We accept only one application per company/artist/working group 2

Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Åland Islands 
Artists working in different working groups can be included in several applications


You can apply in one of the following categories – You cannot apply in both categories. 

Note! Ice Hot is a platform with a very tight schedule. For performances, you must take into consideration that there will be very short time for get-in and performance. Roughly the frame of one working day.

  • Live, full-length performance (1 production) 
  • More More More presentation (1 or several works) 

The Ice Hot jury may consider your proposal for either of the categories and may offer you a slot in another category than what you applied for. ​

The Ice Hot jury reserves the right to propose other work by an artist/company than the one applied with. The jury can also select work by artists who did not apply in this open call. 


A performance, either on stage or in a site-specific location. You can apply with only one production. 

To apply for live performance: 

  • The work should have premiered by May 25th, 2023
  • The production must have a full-length documentation on Vimeo
  • There must be a short project/performance description together with a credit list
  • A technical rider, light plot and stage design must be provided not later than May 25th, 2023. If by the time of the application deadline, you do not have a complete technical rider, you need to provide a preliminary technical rider. The final technical rider, light plot and stage design needs to be provided not later than May 25th, 2023.  
  • If by the time of the application deadline, you do not have a full length video documentation, you need to provide this and send it not later than May 25th, 2023.  The earlier the better!
  • The production needs to be available to be performed at Ice Hot Oslo February 14th -18th 2024 
  • The production needs to be available for Nordic and international touring after February 2024
  • You need to have a producer and/or a person responsible for technical matters to realize the presentation at Ice Hot Oslo 2024 and for touring.

Venues/technical issues

The artist can express the best kind of venue/presentation area – black box, theatre space, gallery, concert hall, specific audience seating, site specific area etc. 


A 15-minute pitch presentation based on video & photo aids (eg. Key Note, PowerPoint) and speech, including dialogue with a moderator. You can apply with one production or a series of work. 

  • You can apply with an artistic idea that does not have a premiere date yet. 
  • You can apply with one production or a series of work. These can already have premiered, or they can be work-in-progress.
  • Please note that the more information you provide the easier it will be for the jury to assess your work.
  • 1-2 artist/company representatives need to be available to give the presentation in person at Ice Hot Oslo February 14th – 18th 2024
  • The production / idea must have the intent to be available for Nordic and international touring after February 2024. 


Finland/Åland Islands
Riitta Aittokallio |

Kirre Arneberg |

Kirre Arneberg |

Denmark / Faroe Islands / Greenland:
Hanne Svejstrup |

Iceland: Friðrik Friðriksson |


Ice Hot Oslo will compensate for the performance counting in the travel days, performance, and side costs). A compensation will be paid also for the More More More presentation. The compensations will be paid by invoicing.

For those travelling from outside the Oslo capital area, Ice Hot Oslo will also cover up for 2 – 4 night’s stay, accommodation, per diem and travel costs to Oslo. In the case of selected artists/companies to the More More More program, we will cover these costs for max. 2 artist/company representatives. Ecological ways of travelling are encouraged.

In addition, all selected artists and companies will be offered tailored coaching services in connection with their participation in the Oslo 2024 platform.