Reykjavík City Theatre

The Reykjavik City Theatre is the largest theatre venue in Reykjavík. It is the home of the Iceland Dance Company and the Reykjavik Theatre Company, which was founded in 1897 and is the oldest professional theatre group in Iceland.

Audience capacity: Main stage 550 seats, New stage 240 seats

Reykjavik City Theatre is completely wheelchair accessible. The front doors have a button activated doors that open up. All the auditoriums are also accessible and there is a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Borgarleikhúsið, Listabraut 3, 105 Reykjavík


Events at Reykjavík City Theatre

  1. Info Desk

    12 Dec, 15:00
    Reykjavík City Theatre
  2. Opening Event

    12 Dec, 19:00
    Reykjavík City Theatre
  3. The Wonderful and the Ordinary

    15 Dec, 20:00
    Reykjavík City Theatre