Dance Atelier

Dance Atelier is the choreographers workspace in Reykjavík. It is the home for Reykjavik Dance Festival and many dance organizations in Iceland and houses the office of ICE HOT Reykjavík.
The new building at Hjarðarhagi has 3 studios
Dance Atelier will house three morning classes as well as various seminars and workshops.

Audience capacity: 120 seats

Dance Atelier is wheelchair accessible from the front, it has a wheelchair accessible bathroom and has an elevator access to the second floor.

Dansverkstæðið, Hjarðarhagi 47. 107 Reykjavík


Events at Dance Atelier

  1. Morning Class with Ásgeir

    13 Dec, 10:05
    Dance Atelier
  2. It Starts With A Conversation

    13 Dec, 12:00
    Dance Atelier
  3. Morning Class with Saga

    14 Dec, 10:05
    Dance Atelier
  4. Morning Class with Una

    15 Dec, 10:05
    Dance Atelier
  5. Sharing across Boarders

    15 Dec, 14:00
    Dance Atelier