The Wonderful and the Ordinary

What makes us remember? And what about all the things we forget?

Saturday December 15th
20:00 – 21:00
Reykjavik City Theatre, New Stage, Listabraut 3

What makes us remember? Is our memory like a field where we can stroll around and explore things from the past? If we turn today into a marvelous image in our minds, will that help us keep it there? And what would it be like to be one of those few people in the world who has an extreme memory capacity. What if we were to remember everything we did every day of our lives? Would it be a bliss or a nightmare?

Gunilla Heilborn and Theater im Bahnhof practice remembering – not so much what, but rather how. They set out to find ways not to forget the seemingly banal things in life. With various means the performers try to recall their memories, to repeat and question them – with no special focus. The audience is invited to stroll along in a haze of long time forgotten and not so important memories.

Choreographer / Company

The Wonderful and The Ordinary is a collaboration between Gunilla Heilborn and Theater Im Bahnhof.

Gunilla Heilborn is a Swedish choreographer and film director. With cinematic timing and dry humour she creates performing arts of the every-day. She deals with themes such as group projects, idealism, nonsense philosophy and utopian ideas. She works from the idea that all the material is valid. Her performances often give the audience a sense of being part of a cinematic narrative. Productions like Potato Country, Alaska, This is not a love story and The Knowledge have given her a worldwide audience.

Theater im Bahnhof is the largest independent Theatre Company in Austria. This collective of performing artists have created radical and daring theatre productions for over fifteen years. They combine entertaining theatre with unconventional expression, trying to put forward ideas on a ground breaking theatre that sets new boundaries, using digital media and film, non-theatrical genres, moving from the known to the unknown, creating free-form pieces without writers.


Concept: Gunilla Heilborn (SE)
Text and Choreography: Gunilla Heilborn and the performers
On stage: Kenneth Bruun Carlson (SE)
Pia Hierzegger (AT)
Lorenz Kabas (AT)
Monika Klengel (AT)
Kristiina Viiala (SE)
Lighting Design: Minna Tiikkainen (FIN, NL)
Stage and Costume Design: Katarina Wiklund (SE)
Original Music and Sound Design: Kim Hiorthøy (NO)
Film: Mårten Nilsson (SE)
Video technic and sound: Jonas Holst (SE)
Production Management: Emelie Bergbohm (SE)
Producer Theater im Bahnhof: Monika Klengel (AT)
Managing Director Gunilla Heilborn: Åsa Edgren (SE)

Producers: GH Produktioner and Theater Im Bahnhof. Coproduced by Steirischer herbst festival GmbH and The Swedish National Touring Teater – Riksteatern.
Financial support: Swedish Arts Council, City Of Graz, Province of Styria, Austrian Ministry of Culture.
Images designed by Studio Reko

Photo credits: Johannes Gellner