Opening performance

The Opening Performance will be a site-specific event and therefore it will be performed four times this evening and you will be guided to the performances in smaller groups – starting from the Foyer at 18:00, 19:00, 20:30, 21.30. At check-in you will be informed about which showing you can attend.

Open Site / Closed Site

We are opening with 5 takes on site-specific.
Gently closing down this house (Dansehallerne), moving 25 meters to the north. It is the ending of this and the start of that.

5 acts of new work, on-going practice and fringe-like manifestations to add some decency to these dusty surfaces.

This site-specific event/s have been curated by Marie Schulz and Martin Forsberg aka Fors Works,
The aim has been to give a voice to what was not in the general ICE HOT program.
To add more: increase. Making more. Of what is here (Copenhagen) and of what to come.

the tectonics

‘the tectonics’ is a rhizomatic mapping of information through desires and strategies.
It deals with the hosting, passing and translating of information between and across bodies and screens. Coming from a desire to navigate through the multitude of information in our lives, it focuses on this constant accumulation of layers, and insists on being with this complexity.

Performers / Tonight 8 of the performers from DANSEatelier will perform / Emilia Gasiorek, Sandra Liaklev Andersen, Marlene Bonnesen, Ingvild Bertelsen, Snorre Hansen, Olivia Riviere, Meleat Fredriksson and Karis Zidore
Duration / 17 min
Created and premiered in Autumn 2016

About DANSEatelier
A group of dance artists that collectively share a space and a vision – to create continuity, stability and to trigger each other physically and intellectually. With an interest in sharing responsibility and multiplying knowledge, they spend time with, next to and crossing each other. They work individually, in smaller constellations, with artists outside of the atelier, and lately some of them have embarked upon a collective piece.


Just do it!
On going installation – where the audience can participate.
Premiered in June 2016 at The Danish National School of Performing Arts

David Gehrt
He is a Danish Set and Costume Designer. He holds a bachelor in textile Design from Kolding School of Design (2012) and have studied scenography at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (2016).
His work derives from a strong interest in the notion of space/place, where physical and visual phenomenon can unfold and communicate with its surroundings. Design filled with presence, concentration and sensation. Spaces designed for the viewer to enter and be absorbed by specific times and ambiences.


(F as in failure__feelings__fuck and other un/bodied prints in various colors of my brain)

sometimes someone somehow shows some special skills
soaked (in) specific
and again another availability almost appeared
but before being bored, balled & buffered
even effortlessly
how hope has (h)arrived hopelessly humble
instead, instead (of) i
someone that searches, finds, & then runs away

Performers / Sanna Blennow (live) and Lendl Barcelos (absent-present)
Duration / 15-20 minutes
Premiere 2016 at ICE HOT

Sanna Blennow
Born and raised in Stockholm, moved to Copenhagen to study contemporary dance & choreography, got fed up with that and traveled in Europe to find meaningful things to do and sometimes succeeded. Partners in crime include Robert Logrell (SE), Mikko Niemistö (FI) and Lendl Barcelos (CA).

WAD – dances within
An auditory exploration of inner sensations and movements, offering space for shared dedication, contemplation and bodily experiences.
A durational work that is part of WE ARE DANCERS – Fanclub’s on-going investigation of the dancer, presented as a collection of live experiments, collective movements and dancing bodies during 2016/17.

Performers / Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman & Sofia Karlsson
Created especially for the ICE HOT opening event 2016

It is a dancers’ collective consisting of the four dance artists Andrea Deres, Carolina Bäckman, Ellesiv V. Selseng & Sofia Karlsson. Since 2010 they have initiated and formed various collaborations with the ambition to explore artistic structures and working formats within the dance arts.


Are You Coming?  
Descending moment on staircase. Transitional space. You’ve probably been on one today. Spend sometime here. Lets use the common space to question alternative ways of pleasure and arousal. And then lets just move on (up).

Performers / Clara Dessau, Anna Stahn, Cathrine Coleman and Casper-Malte Augusta
Created in 2016

Casper-Malte Augusta
Casper-Malte Augusta used to live in New York City for four years while studying at the Alvin Ailey School of dance. Casper-Malte now lives and studies at the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen. Keeping a body based research questioning the patriarchal rules all nonconforming bodies must survive under.

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