Multiplex Realities

Choreographed one-to-one meetings that travel through worlds of virtual reality and imagination.

Thursday December 13th
10:30 – 17:00
Friday December 14th
10:30 – 17:00
Reykjavík Art Museum, Hafnarhús, Multi Purpose Hall, Tryggvagata 17

Multiplex Realities
is two parallel one-to-one performances that happen at the same time in two different rooms side by side. The performance works with imagination, senses and virtual reality technology around perceived multiple perceptions and layers of reality, simultaneously.

You will experience this, one person at a time. Together we will be moving, talking, walking, communicating, shaping, adapting, creating and oscillating inside different parallel and constantly evolving realities. The sensorial, social and imaginary perceptions of reality will be interleaved into one experience where truths and structures are challenged and potential futures are constantly changing.

Choreographer / Company

Noah Hellwig has surrendered to the structural social pressure of speaking about himself in third person when presenting himself.

Noah Hellwig is a choreographer/dancer/performer that is working in different contexts of the scenic arts. He traverses the field of expanded choreography, performs often with contemporary dance, explores performance art for babies, eats internet culture for breakfast and practices new forms of baroque dance on stage.

His own choreographic work is directed by sensorial experiences and game structures. He is currently inspired by and works with mixed-reality performance, immersive environments, interactive performance art, social manipulation and expanding/queering knowledge production and identities.


Choreographer: Noah Hellwig
Performers: Disa Krosness and Noah Hellwig
Music: Miranda Abrahamsson
Light designer: Johan Sundén
Sound designer: Elize Arvefjord
Virtual reality designer: Johann Prell – Vobling

Photo credits: Miranda Abramhamsson