A powerful, explosive, joyful, riotous, anarchic piece, where femininity is claimed on each performers own terms.

Saturday December 15th
15:30 – 16:20
Gaflaraleikhúsið, Víkingastræti 2 Hafnarfjörður

JUCK is a performance. JUCK is raw. JUCK is Swedish and means thrust.

Six people in a huddle dressed in a schoolgirl uniform; a skirt, a blouse and a black tie. A thrust emerges to the rhythm of a suggestive techno beat. As it grows the thrusting flips on its head, develops, modifies and mutates.

A powerful, explosive, joyful, riotous, anarchic piece, where femininity is claimed on each performers own terms. Utilizing the new languages of femininity in an unbridled performance that makes us curious, embarrassed, disgusted and sincerely happy. We grow strong. When we leave the theater we notice that we got contaminated.

“Juck demands their space and the audience’s attention; the movement develops in different forms and intensity and becomes a manifestation of female sexuality and liberation from the male gaze.” – Motivation from the jury, Bibu 2016 Performing Arts Biennial for Children and Youth in Sweden.

Choreographer / Company

JUCK is a movement, JUCK is sexuality, JUCK is power, JUCK is; JUCK is about expanding perspectives on femininity and sexuality.

JUCK is a strong voice in the contemporary debate on gender and power structures, working in a norm-critical and interactive format. With their technical roots in street dance they explore the field of contemporary performance and play with the expectations of the spectator.

JUCK was initiated in 2011 and has since then been touring theatres, claiming public spaces and social contexts with great success. In 2013 they created the short film JUCK that became a viral hit on Youtube. They have performed their full length performance JUCK all over Sweden and are currently producing their second full length piece JUCK <3 LILITH. The short-film documentary JUCK -Thrust, that premiered in 2018, is now touring film festivals around the world and has received several prizes and special mentions.



Choreographers and creators: JUCK; Shirley Harthey Ubilla, Tarika Wahlberg, Madeleine Ngoma, Emelie ”Empo” Enlund, Feyona Naluzzi och Cajsa Godée
Sound: Eric Sjögren and Kotelett & Zadak  
Sound design: JUCK och Tobias Hallgren.
Light and technical production: Angela X Ariza
Production: Follow the Rabbit/Josefin Rosales


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