Raw performance coupled with intense visuals exploring the theme of humanity and mental illness.

Thursday December 13th
21:00 – 21:50
Tjarnarbíó, Tjarnargata 12

Through a live dance cinematic experience Human takes the audience on an emotional journey reflecting the torment of the mind and body – visually representing the human behind the socially taboo psychological diagnose schizophrenia.

Human is a solo stage performance exploring this theme; combining contemporary dance, film and an original composed score. Choreographer Tharan Revfem and dancer Nina Biong worked to create a movement language based on the physical and mental restriction a person suffering from schizophrenia inhabits. Tundra* created all the visual elements in the staging using filmed elements of the dancer’s body and movements creating an immersive and intense setting for this unique performance.

Historically schizophrenia has been very difficult to diagnose, treat and understand and as artists we seek to create awareness of mental illness in general and specifically explore the moment where the schizophrenic is no longer looked upon as a human.

“The feeling is like your insides are on fire. Your mind is on fire. Your outsides are on fire, but no one can see any of it. It is an invisible, panic-driven torment.”  
– Michael Hedrick, diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Choreographer / Company

Plire Multi and Tundra* created their first performance together in 2008. Tundra*, led by creative director Espen Haslene and art director Karine Faou, is a creative visual studio based in Oslo and London. They have won a number of international awards in movies and television, including 2 Cannes Lions, Gold at the Promax BDA Europe Awards. Their work has featured at major festivals such as Toronto, London, OneDotZero and Berlin.

Plire Multi is a dance company built around the Norwegian choreographer Tharan Revfem and has an interdisciplinary orientation. Since 1999, the company’s work has been shown both nationally and internationally.


Director: Tharan Revfem in collaboration with Espen Haslene 
Production: Plire Multi 
Choreographer: Tharan Revfem 
Film and visuals: Tundra*
Performer: Nina Biong 
Music: Finn Vine 
Light design: Espen Haslene and Tharan Revfem
Cinematography: Kristoffer Archetti 
Technical support: Mads Faste Liang Nilsen
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Vestfold County Council, Regional Dance Centre of Österbotten, Malakta Films. 
Thanks to: AVAS AS, Øivind Egeland, Letty Fox, Karine Faou and Bjørn Hellem.