Circus Loneliness

Sensitively and with humour the show dissects loneliness and lonely people.

Saturday December 15th
10:00 – 11:30
Bíó Paradís, Hverfisgata 54

Circus Loneliness is a co-creation project. The first version will premiere in Denmark in the autumn of 2019.

Circus Loneliness is a choreographic fairground consisting of many different attractions and installations amongst which the audience evolves and moves – sometimes freely, sometimes directed.

Circus Loneliness is, with each new location, recreated and touched by the community’s specific flavour of loneliness through workshops held in collaboration between dadadans and the local venue.

Circus Loneliness offers the audience a sensual space filled with the concealed and neglected loneliness of daily life. The show grabs hold of the taboo and people behind the hard and impersonal numbers, facts and statistics on loneliness making them tangible, physical and concrete.

Circus Loneliness is a part of Dadadans’ 4-year work 2016-19 with issues of loneliness for the individual and society.

Choreographer / Company

Dadadans was founded in 2004 by choreographer Helle Bach. The work is shaped by Helle Bach’s main interest in the stories our bodies’ carry, and her focus on ”the human condition”. Using both the spoken word and the moving body, she urges us to laugh and cry by recognizing the banal realities of life as well as its poetic beauty.

Circus Loneliness is a part of dadadans’ 4-year work 2016-19 with issues of loneliness for the individual and society.
Peeps (September 2018) – peep shows about loneliness up-close-and-personal.
Anyone can be lonely (Oktober 2017) – solo and one-man circus about lonely people.
Peeps (August 2017) – Site-specific peepshows on the pedestrian street of Aarhus.

Dadadans is coproduced by BORA BORA, Aarhus and receives project support from the Danish Arts Foundation. Dadadans has a 3 year support from the City of Aarhus.