Mia Habib

A song to…

A song toexplores the evocative power of monumental art.
16 dancers and 30 non dancers are running and falling on stage, using their raw naked bodies to simultaneously incarnate a critical mass and to enhance the singularity and isolation of each of the performers. It is a piece seeping with monumental questions and primal cycles: death, joy, fear, desire.
It is dedicated to a collective human history in all its ambiguity: a declination of the human condition: joining each other in masses, getting old, journeying together, giving up.
A song to… is an overlapping of tableaux vivants and incarnated metaphors.

Credit list
Choreographer / Mia Habib
Produced by / Mia Habib Productions
Dramaturge /Jassem Hindi
Lighting design / Ingeborg Olerud
Sound / audio mix / Jassem Hindi
Choreography assistant / Jon Filip Fahlstrøm
Co-creative process and performance by / Cecilie Lindemann Steen, Ingunn Rimestad, Hanna Mjåvatn, Ida Gudbrandsen, Loan Ha, Hedda Rivrud, Kira Senkpiel, Harald Beharie, Przybyslaw Paz, Linn Christine Ragnarsson, Fie Dam Mygind, Asaf Aharonson, Shantelle Jackson, Povilas Bastys, Jules Beckman, Oskar Landström.
Xtras / Mattias Carlberg, Kaare p, Mats Ödman, Troels Laurell, Rune Pedersen, Bjørn Michaelis, Jodie Judy Lu / Lu, Ying-Chu, Gabriele Schink, Michael Rapp, Carsten Hall, Arnt Robert Leganger, Justina Brazaite, Bo Petersen, Bjarne Bødker, Marjukka Savolainen, Niels Ole Hauerberg, Lisanne Goodhue, Jostein Strand, Dagomara Danza, Erik Lobelius, Kenya Foss Parsons, Aaron Scheer, Franc Seilerl, Torbjørn Kolbeinsen, Corrado Di Lorenzo
Producer / Eva Grainger
Pre-production / Morten Kippe
International Producer / Sales & Marketing / Karene Lyngholm
Choreography and production assistant / Karen Høybakk Mikalsen
Video Installation / Kaia Hugin. Photo / Yaniv Cohen
Premiere / Dansens Hus Oslo, Norway Sep 19th 2015
Supported by / Arts Council Norway, Fund for Sound and Vision, FFUK and Nordic Culture Fund.
Co-produced by / Dansens Hus Oslo, BIT Teatergarasjen Theater Freiburg, ULTIMA festival, Carte Blanche and Bærum Kulturhus.
Partners / Dance Arena Nord, SITE Sweden, Vigeland Museum, Emanuel Vigeland Museum, Kedja 2015, Dans i Nord-Trøndelag, Fjelldansen.

Duration /  90 minutes

Mia Habib
A Norwegian choreographer with a B.A. in choreography from The National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway and a M.A. in conflict resolution and negotiation at Tel Aviv University.
Mia Habib is the artistic leader of Mia Habib Productions (MHP), based in Oslo. MHP works with performing arts as well as exhibitions, publications, lectures, training, mentoring and curating. MHP has been co-produced by a number of institutions across Europe.


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