Explore Reykjavík

Discounts for Ice Hot Participants during the festival – Show your Ice Hot Festival pass

Brauð og Co offer our participants a 15% discount at their Frakkastígur and Hlemmur branches : www.braudogco.is

Reykjavik Roasters offer our participants a 15% discount at all their locations : www.reykjavikroasters.is

Rabbarbarinn at both Hlemmur Foodhall and Grandi Foodhall offer our participants a 10% discount : www.rabbarbarinn.is

Tommi’s Burger Joint offers our participants 15% discount : www.tommis.is

Sandholt 15% discount of both store goods and food : www.sandholt.is

Kaffibarinn offers our participants 25% discount till 01 AM. This does not apply for happy hour: www.kaffibarinn.is

Tips from the Icelandic ICE HOT artists about Reykjavík


eitthvað fallegt / something beautiful:
A cup of coffee and an Icelandic pönnukaka at Mokka café, one of the oldest cafés in Reykjavík. Wonderful vibe and delicious decor.

góður díll / good deal:
Fish of the day. Check out the lunch specials at the local restaurants. Always fresh and always a good deal. My favorites are Snaps, Ostabúðin and Kex. Kaffivagninn at Grandi is also always a classic.

eitthvað æðislegt / something wonderful:
A dip in one of the local pools is a must while in Iceland. You’ll find one in every neighborhood and each one has its own charm, my favorites in Reykjavík are Sundhöllin and Vesturbæjarlaug. I love to go in the early morning while it’s still dark.

Aðalbjörg Árnadóttir and Ylfa Áskelsdóttir Díó Its Volleyball Hallelujah!

góður díll / good deal:
If traveling with children, and the weather is bad- the library is a nice plays to hang out with toddlers, as is the Nordic house. In the Nordic house there is also excellent fish of the day at lunch time. http://borgarbokasafn.is/en

eitthvað æðislegt / something wonderful:
Late night swimming, hot tub, cold pot, sauna.


great food / casual hang out:
SKÁL, at Hlemmur Mathöll.
The old Harbor and Grandinn (a little bit further to the west)  has various restaurants with great street and seafood.

Katrín Gunnarsdóttir – Shades of History

eitthvað fallegt / something beautiful to wear:
Go to local design store Kiosk Reykjavík for their beautiful cozy sweaters and merino dresses, they keep you warm and stylish at this time of year.

góður díll / best late night bite:
Mandi is a go-to place downtown for a cheap late night bite. This syrian joint has great hummus and kebab (and vegan options), its close to both Tjarnarbíó and Iðnó and its open until six in the morning on weekends.

eitthvað æðislegt / something wonderful:
If you are in the mood for adventures, experience Icelandic nature not from a bus window, but on horseback. There are many options available, including half-day tours where they pick you up in Reykjavík and drop you off.

Bára Sigfúsdóttir

eitthvað fallegt / a beautiful and free experience:
Take a walk by the seaside, breath in the fresh winter air and watch the sun go down at 4pm in the afternoon! In case of not too many clouds and you are wearing warm enough clothes, its magical!

góður díll / delicious lunch deal:
Kopar restaurant by the harbour is a must try if you enjoy to eat a delicious fresh fish “catch of the day” for less than 2.000 ISK (lunch offer!). Their chef, Ylfa Helgadóttir, is on the Icelandic national culinary team, and this lunch offer is always different, creative and made with local ingredients.

eitthvað æðislegt / something wonderful:
Grótta light house and surroundings area is a great place for a walk/run. And Kvika, a small pool close by, is wonderful for foot baths. Its free entry, but you need to find it first. Ask me if you don´t manage and maybe we can go there together!

Sigurður Arent – Marble Crowd

One of my favourite places in Reykjavík is the Öskjuhlíð park area south-east of downtown. Sitting on top of Öskjuhlíð hill is Perlan a glass dome perched on top of five disused water tanks. There you can find a very cool natural history exhibition and a cafe/restaurant with fantastic views over the city. Down in the wooded slopes below you will find great walking paths (although you should wear good shoes) and maybe you will stumble upon some WWII ruins like the old fuel storage or bunkers overlooking the domestic airport. Bus #18 goes from Hlemmur Bus Station to Perlan in about 5 mins.

Ásrún Magnúsdóttir – Listening Party

My dreamday in Reykjavík

1. Wake up early and go to the swimming pool, Sundhöllin, while it’s still dark. Swim, and go to the cold pot and sauna and cold pot and sauna and cold pot and sauna again and again and then chill in the hot pot.
2. Go for a coffee at Reykjavík Roasters on Kárastígur.
3. Go for lunch at SNAPS and have the fish of the day.
4. Take a walk from down town Reykjavík to Grandi and when at Grandi visit the Marshall house. The Marshall house is home to The Living Art Museum, Gallery Kling og Bang and Studio Ólafur Elíasson. Spend some time there.
5.Have a drink at the Marshall Restaurant. 
6.Walk back down town through the harbour area.
7.Have a burger and drinks at Búllan the one that is located inside B5 (B5 is a lame place but great happy hour and Búllan is super cool and has great burgers).
8. Go for a concert or a happening in Mengi (depends what they have going on that night) or go for a concert at Húrra (depends what they’ve got on).
9.Go for drinks at Kaffibarinn.
10. Sleep.