Springback Magazine Live

At last. Daytime TV for dance addicts. And you are the studio audience.

Saturday December 15th
12:00 – 13:30
Bíó Paradís, Hverfisgata 54

On the sofa: Donald Hutera and Oonagh Duckworth, your hosts, with a string of guests and artists from ICE HOT Reykjavík.
In the critic’s chair: Sanjoy Roy, guiding a gang of young Springback Magazine writers through the week’s performances. Reports from the previous workshops and seminars, hot issues from the Magazine debated, a film premiere, a song and a dance. All Live Streamed on Facebook.
In English. In very good English.


Donald Hutera has been writing and speaking about dance, theatre, live performance and the arts both in the US and the UK since 1977. Publications and websites to which he has contributed include The Times of London, The New York Times, Animated, Dance Umbrella and many others. He is a mentor of Springback Academy.


Oonagh Duckworth is British born, Brussels based, and as a freelance writer and editor has contributed to numerous publications including Belgian’s The Bulletin and Flanders Today. She also produces the precursor of collective dance initiatives, the Bal Moderne; and hosts workshops and talks following dance performances at Les Brigittines in Brussels. She is Director of Springback Academy.


Sanjoy Roy has written on dance for the Guardian newspaper since 2002. He has also contributed to The New York Times, New Statesman, Dance Gazette, Dancing Times and others, and keeps an archive of published writing on his website. He leads dance writing workshops, is a mentor of Springback Academy and the Editor of Springback Magazine.


The gang of young writers are in Reykjavik for their first annual Assembly. Graduates from four years of Springback Academy, they hail from all over Europe, most working in English as a second language, many expert in something else as well. They are published in Springback Magazine, launched this year and already seen as an authoritative new voice.




Springback Magazine is a spin-off from Aerowaves’ annual Spring Forward platform for emerging European choreographers. Founded in 2018, Springback is a new Europe-wide dance publication – AND a new kind of dance publication. How so? First, it covers dance across Europe (and sometimes beyond), embracing the wide, rich and hugely under represented network of independent and small to mid-scale artists, while not excluding established names and bigger companies. Second, it is both a publication and an editorial training initiative. Contributors are drawn exclusively from Springback Academy, an annual weekend writing programme run by Aerowaves, in which participants from across Europe receive mentoring in English by professional dance writers. Springback Magazine takes that programme to the next level by providing a sustained, professional environment in which contributions are actively and constructively directed, edited and revised for publication – for the benefit of both readers and contributors.



Cover photo: Christoffer Brekne
Donald Hutera: Rob Greig/Timeout
Oonagh Duckworth: Geoffroy Forster
Sanjoy Roy: © Guardian News & Media Ltd