Sharing across Boarders

Sharing infrastructures, connecting dance - scenes and creating partnership, collaboration and generating new thinking.

Saturday December 15th
14:00 – 15:30
Dance Atelier, Hjarðarhagi 47

Based on the infrastructure and philosophy of the European and artist led network Studiotrade the seminar offers to discuss networking as an alternative funding and support structure for dance artists.

The European network Studiotrade was founded in 2010 by and is a network of choreographers, producers and dance organizations, who enable an international exchange of studio facilities for research, creation and introduction to new markets and contexts for dance artists. Studiotrade’s philosophy is based upon the values of trust, fairness, generosity and commitment.

The seminar would give an insight into the experience of the existing network Studiotrade and share the experience of the past 8 years as a starting point for further discussions.


Silke Z. lives and works as an independent choreographer in Cologne. After her graduation at the Sports Academy (DSHS) in Cologne, with the specializations dance and ski, she studied dance at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) in Arnhem in the Netherlands and Moving On Center – School for Participatory Arts and Research (MOC) in San Francisco (CA, USA).

She is the artistic director oft he company Silke Z. resistdance and the co-founder of ehrenfeldstudios – a space for interdisciplinary arts (dance, contemporary circus and media arts) in Cologne which opened in November 2015.

With her company she creates dance and performance art in Germany and abroad and develops cross-over concepts with artists from different fields.

Alongside seven European partners, Silke Z. co-founded the network „studiotrade”in 2011 – a European network of choreographers, producers and dance organizations. The network is artist-led and offers alternative support to the conventional institutions for artistic production processes. in April 2014 Silke Z. published the book:  „JUST BTEWEEN US! Artistic Research – Biography – Performance, based on the dance performance-series Just between Us!

Currently she is continues her artistic and practical research on ‚Performing Immediacy’ in the context of a PhD at the University of Falmouth (GB).

Photo credits

Cover photo: Caroline Simon
Silke Z: Meyer Originals