It Starts With A Conversation

The authors share a few secrets behind IT STARTS WITH A CONVERSATION and give you a sneak peek into the future.

Thursday December 13th 12.00 – 13.00
Dance Atelier, Hjarðarhagi 47

ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform produced the open source guide IT STARTS WITH A CONVERSATION last year, by co-authors Ása Richardsdóttir and Lene Bang Henningsen.
The guide was written for the contemporary dance community and aimed towards artists and producers who wish to work collaboratively and internationally. The guide was developed through a conversation between the two authors. It is practical and interactive, offering the reader various tools to use in professional development as well as thought-provoking and process-oriented reflections on the various stages in the artist´s and producer´s career.

Since publication, the guide has been downloaded by artists and producers in all corners of the world and currently the authors are starting to work on the second edition.
All the ICE HOT Reykjavík artists will be mentored by Lene Bang, using the guide as a base.
This short info seminar will give you a few secrets behind ISWAC and a sneak peek into the future.



Ása Richardsdóttir is a freelance creative producer working on versatile projects. She likes to facilitate encounters and create new ground. She is currently leading ICE HOT Reykjavík.

Lene Bang Henningsen is a creative producer and mentor in the performing arts, exploring the world – with a focus on empowering collaboration. She is working from the platform Lene Bang Org. based in Denmark.

Photo Credits

Cover photo: Lene Bang
ISWAC logo: Jonas Ahlgren
Lene Bang: Antero Hein
Ása Richardsdóttir: Örlygur