Greenland: Building a nation and a dance community

How to develop an inclusive dance community with a global consciousness, yet with its own unique dance arena and community.

Thursday December 13th
15:00 – 16:00
Bíó Paradís, Hverfisgata 54

The aim of this seminar is to present the process of development of Greenland’s dance community and its history in today’s Greenland. It will focus on the development of cultural policy and how it connects to the process of nation building.
Greenland has an ethno-cultural history with the Inuit peoples of Alaska, Canada and Siberia. This common history not only pertains to language, but also to relational world-view, spirituality, culture practices and traditions. This influences the Greenlandic understanding of self-determination, community and cultural understanding.
Greenland understands that it is the combination of cultural uniqueness and embracing its global space that will be a deciding factor in the development of their nation. Greenland strives to set itself on the global map as an independent entity, by protecting the cultural expressions that are uniquely Greenlandic. At the same time Greenlandic artist are working towards becoming a society that also has a platform for contemporary artists such as dancers and performers within a wide variety of genres and making a unique Greenlandic expression within these genres.
The development of the dance community has a parallel development within the country at large and Greenland is in the process of ensuring its place in the international arena by hosting larger events, developing programs, festivals and by being an inclusive dance community with a global consciousness, while it develops its own unique dance arena and community.


Ruth Montgomery-Andersen is a choreographer and cultural producer. She has a doctorate in Public Health and is the co-owner of Qiajuk Studios & Production, focusing on research, the arts and performance. She strives to create synergy and collective experiences by using the arts and culture to support cultural awareness and experienced quality of life. Together with Alexander Montgomery – Andersen, she owns Qiajuk Studios which focuses on children, youth and their empowerment and development, as performers, dancers and as human beings. Ruth works together with the dance community of Greenland to establish Greenland’s first dance center and professional ensemble.

Maliina Jensen is a dancer and producer from Nuuk, Greenland. She is a graduate from the University of Wyoming, holding a dual bachelor’s degree in Dance and in Psychology. Maliina has been based in Nuuk sine 2016, producing and performing contemporary and vertical dance concerts and events. She is a teacher at the local dance studio ’Qiajuk Studios’ and organises workshops for children and youth. Maliina is a Member of the Board of the Association of Greenlandic Stage Artists which focuses on the advancement of the performing arts in Greenland through the development of networks; professionalization of the performing arts industry; and ensuring well-informed cultural policy development.


Cover photo: Sebastian Rosin Cloud Nine Media
Ruth Montgomery-Andersen: Petra Kleis
Maliina Jensen: Inkeri Jäntti